Sunday, 24 July 2016

How to write a fab CV

Finishing my second year this summer and heading into placement year is super exciting. I spent a lot of time working on my CV, cover letter and e-portfolio before applying for internships.

If you're like me, a total perfectionist who refuses to post something until it's 10000% perfect, then writing up a CV is definitely going to take a while. 

Here are my top tips for writing an A* CV:

Tip 1: Keep it short + sweet
I'm the worst when it comes to writing, I always end up rambling on and on. The key is for all of your sentences to be straight to the point. Ask yourself "do I really need this?" and "what does the reader learn from this?".

Tip 2: Use buzz words and phrases
Powerful adjectives are great and get the job done. Accomplished, conscientious, efficient, innovative and motivated are my favourites! CK Clinical has a number of buzzwords on their site which you can view here.

Tip 3: Give your document a name
This is probably the most important of them all. HR teams receive hundreds of CVs daily, and if you've saved yours as 'CV 1', chances are they won't remember who you are. My CV is named as 'Albana Janjeva CV', so whoever is reading knows that it's mine. Not to mention that it's also far more professional.

Tip 4: Save it as a PDF
If you've ever opened a Word document on a newer version or computer, you may notice some of your text boxes, shapes or lines have moved. By saving it as a PDF you are saving it exactly the way you want it to be viewed, and no matter how it's being opened it will always look the same.

Tip 5: Exaggerate but please don't lie!
By all means make an experience sound better by altering the description or making it sound more glamorous, but don't ever lie about what you've done because 
a) they may ask you to show them - which you can't
b) they could find out you're lying + won't want to hire you.

Tip 6: Is all of the information correct?
Make sure your email address and mobile number are clearly written somewhere and most importantly that it's correct, because there's no point having a fabulous CV if no one can reach out to you?!

I hope this helps and please do comment below with any tips of your own as I'm sure they will help me too! If anyone wants to have a little nose around, you can view my e-portfolio here.



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