Sunday, 10 April 2016

Keeping Organised...

Keeping organised is one of the most challenging things for me, with uni and work I have so much going on I often find myself sat down at my desk panicking at the long 'to do' list in my head. 
For my New Years resolution I told myself that this year I would make sure I have a planner which I would try to use religiously.  Here's how I achieved my resolution (so far)...
(This month's Glamour magazine, Smython Chelsea Girl Panama Notebook and Bond Street Organiser, Skinnydip London Plushie stickers, Thank You cards, custom phone case*, Muji stationary case)

Rule 1: Invest
I've realised that if I invest my hard earned money into products, it will force me to use them because I'll feel like I have to make the most out of it. 
I might have taken this too literally, and splashed out on some oh so fab Smythson goodies - the Grosvenor Bond Street Organiser and a 'Chelsea Girl' Panama Notebook. I also bought the weekly planner refills which included an address book and notes pages. 
I went one step further and got my initials engraved because let's face it it's not yours until your names on it!
(Grosvenor Bond Steet Organiser seen alongside the Chelsea Girl Panama Notebook)

Rule 2: Buy something pretty!
I can't stand plain, boring products especially when I'm using it every day. My style is very mix + match and I love to make things my own. When I went down to Brighton I found these gorgeous Thank You cards. It's so easy to text someone a message but I love the idea of sending out cards with a good old stamp, it's so much more thoughtful. 
These Skinnydip London plushie stickers are super cute. I'm still thinking about where to place them so for the time being I'll keep them hidden away!

Rule 3: Personalise
I'm a hoarder of phone cases and a big fan of creative and bold patterns printed on them! I was so excited when I found out about GoCustomized*. It's one thing to have a super cool phone case, but it's a whole other story to be able to make your own, personalised phone case!

I usually buy my iPhone cases from Skinnydip London, however my most recent case for my new iPhone 6S+ didn't fit perfectly. The gap on the silent switch is super tight and makes muting my phone a little tricky. I was so happy with my GoCustomized custom phone case, the case is super sleek and fits perfectly around my phone, with generous space for all my buttons!

I love the fact that you can add any design, I created my repeat print on Photoshop using an image of Marie from Aristocats (my favourite Disney character!). I would highly recommend GoCustomized, I've had so many compliments from my clients at work who all love the personalised touch to the phone case.

I hope these three rules help anyone who's stuck on how to keep organised. It takes a lot of time to get used to being organised, so don't expect changes overnight. I still sometimes forget my organiser at home (oops!)

Does anyone else have any tips for keeping organised? What are you're favourite products?


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