Thursday, 22 October 2015


The cold-pressed juice craze has no sign of slowing down, so I thought I would give it a go and see what all the fuss was about!
I tried and tested 4 flavours of the Plenish cold-pressed organic juices. These colourful juices are made from fresh fruit and vegetables and rich in nutrients. Please note my reviews below are purely based on taste and appearance; I did not complete a Plenish cleanse or do 5:2 diet week.

Mind Body Green
Initial thoughts: I've previously tried Savse Super Green, which has a lot of the same ingredients so I thought this would be quite nice.
Taste: If the colour green tasted like anything, it would taste like this, no kidding. I can instantly taste the Kale, Spinach and Parsley, although it does leave you with a slightly dry mouth. The flavour isn't bad at all and I know it's full of nutritional goodness.
4/5 stars4/5 stars

Cacao Maca Cashew M*lk
Initial thoughts: I expected a chocolate/milky taste with a hint of vanilla and a sweetness from the dates.
Taste: The over-powering smell of the Maca was far too intense for me. I couldn't get around finishing this as it just wasn't to my liking (although my sister managed to get through the rest).
4/5 stars4/5 stars

 Cherry Beets
Initial thoughts: The mixture of Cherry and Beetroot seemed like quite a safe choice and the colour didn't put me off.
Taste: I found this juice to be tastier than the Mind Body Green. The main flavour was the Beetroot, although there was a slight hint of cherry. I could definitely get used to drinking this everyday!
4/5 stars

Pine Apple²
Initial thoughts: I had a feeling this would be tasty because of the simple and yummy ingredients.
Taste: One word: Delicious. This juice is so refreshing and the Pineapple and Apple mixed with the Mint makes it taste exactly like a Mojito!
4/5 stars4/5 stars4/5 stars4/5 stars

Occasionally when working, I may have appointments back-to-back and won't have time for a proper lunch break and I find that these juices keep me going all day, they really are amazing! 
Plenish can be bought at (get 20% off your order with code SEASONSALE) and at the Harvey Nichols Foodhall.



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